"Hey! My mom said I could get a Messi jersey, so should I get an Argentina NT one or a Barca one? thanks!"

Well if you ask me it’s of course going to be a Barça one, because Barça just means everything to me. But you should choose whatever looks nice, because the Argentina jersey is also really beautiful.

but you should still buy a barça one

Football alphabet: Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr.

"Messi? What can I say… I admire him, both for the player he is and for the person he is."

"We get on with each other off the pitch & we’re getting to know each other on it. He’ll bring a lot of joy to the club & fans.”


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eehh i probably forgot some people (hopefully not much) but these are just the people that appears in my dash often (bc of timezones and stuffs) and a special thank you for you who always listen to my rants willingly you know who you are <3 Actually i’m planning to do a Q&A video in celebration of my 2k followers along with this ff if i receive questions. I’ll post the video on friday so yeah you can start to send in your questions now via my askbox.. it doesn’t have to be football related just anything you’re curious about :-) that’s all thank you everyone and have a nice day!!

iPhone 5 wallpapers | Barça [requested by anon]

barca in today’s training session 

Welcome to FC Barcelona, Jérémy Mathieu!

"Out of all the clubs around the world, why did you choose to support Barca? You replied in a previous ask that players come and go, and that only the club remains, so pick the one that suits you best. How? Is it wrong to like Barca only bc Messi's there?"


Because Barça is Eric Abidal who is ready to leave a club that pays him very well just because they treated his friend badly. Because Barça is Tito Vilanova who didn’t give up until his last breathe and was so in love with Barça that he leaves his sickbed and came to watch Barça. Because Barça is Xavi who unconditionally loves this club. Because Barça is Puyol who is always ready to fight for us with all his heart and came back to defend our goal even whe he was injured. Barça is Messi who is determined, loyal and self sacrificing. Barça is Pep because you know he always comes back even if we hurt him more than before.

Yes, players come and go but their marks don’t fade from this club. Every player who kisses this crest adds something more. And this is exactly what Barça is. A whole made of little pieces. And Barça is beautiful. Barça is more than a club and even those idiots called our board can’t change that. Because one day they will leave and Barça will still be there.

And unlike other people I don’t think supporting a team for a single player is a bad thing. You are free to do whatever you want. I cant judge you. But it’s so hard for me to understand. Okay you started to support this club because Messi or Iniesta or Xavi is there. But after a while.. how can you not fall in love with this beautiful club?

I love Barça as a mad man loves his lover. I know it’s probably not healthy and I am just another crazy person but it has my whole heart. And players are the beauty of it. My lover can get older and lose her beautiful brown hair or her baby-like skin. But that won’t change my love for her. She still will be the most beautiful thing in the world for me. It will only change the way other people look at her. And I don’t give a fuck about their opinions.

I don’t know if you can comprehend what I’m saying here but it is a profound sentiment that I have. I am a culé, I’ve loved Barça since I was a kid. I know that with the competition that’s present it will be difficult for me to keep my place for long but I will do everything I can to keep playing at this level until I end my career at Barcelona.


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